I smell Spring coming

Yesterday I held a sleeping baby on my shoulder.

Her rhythmic breathing calmed my soul.

As I rocked her gently back and forth

I watched out the window and saw

spring trying so desperately to peek out past tired old winter.

We had a snow storm the day before!

Yet the birds feel something different, even in the freezing cold!

Everything about spring sings HOPE!

What gives you hope?

Here is a portion of a list from the book Be the Miracle:

The first crocus that cracks through the earth.

The budding lilacs [starting with little purple balls.]

Double rainbows.

Pregnant women

Giggling brides.

Watching a newborn baby’s fingers unfold in slow motion.

Slivers of orange goldfish swimming beneath the ice of a frozen pond…

A dandelion that pokes through concrete to find the sun..

Four leaf clovers.

Each dawn that breaks through the darkness.

Pennies in fountains.

Birthday wishes…

Newborn colts.

A bakery full of wedding cakes.

A blank page in a new journal.

A much puddle full of splashing sparrows.

The kind of sunset that erases a bad day.

The way a baby’s head smells better than rain.

New voters.

A child carrying a stack of books from the library,

A perfect stranger saying “God Bless You!” when you sneeze.

A preschooler asking “why” for the hundredth time in five minutes.

Cancer survivors with new hair.

Foster parents.

A one-year-old learning to walk.

A stroke patient learning how to walk.

Birth announcements.

Golden anniversaries.

What gives you hope?

Begin your own list…

It makes spring feel even nearer and warmer…

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2 Responses to I smell Spring coming

  1. Jeff Abert says:

    Your message made me smile. We’re all ready for spring!

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