How to WOW that special someone this February…

Are you a Romantic?

Do you wish you were?

Do you need some help in that area?

Do you have someone you would like to WOW

Or want them to WOW YOU!?

Don’t panic, this will be so ridiculously easy with amazing results!


or send over the hopeless romant-less to this very blog spot!


If you have never heard of 14 days of Valentine’s you are in for a BIG treat.

Beginning February 1st (in one week) and every day until Feb. 14th

you will create one VERY simple heart left in a surprise place each day for your sweetheart.

WHAT? That’s hard!

Nope it’s all laid out for you all right here….!

Read on to discover

one heart idea

for all 14 days of Valentines

You need to slightly prep

before each day

but they are not difficult or costly! 

You certainly can use your own imagination,

go crazy and do what ever you

would like, these are only suggestions.

14 Days of Valentine’s package #1

(Disclaimer: I am Not responsible for all the kisses you will receive after this.)

 Objective: 1.  To show what a creative romantic you are!

2. To create one simple, beautiful heart for your sweetheart for 14 days.

To make it work: YOU MUST BE stealthy, simple and tidy, elegant but strong (the will power kind) and for all 14 days to perform a very lovely Valentine’s gift.


  • You cannot use the internet to virtually send him/her something.  Trust me he/she wants the real thing!
  • No Cheating and buying an already-made heart of any kind!  These must be YOUR originals!
  •  You cannot ask him/her if he/she has received anything from you on any of the days in fact you don’t have any idea what he/she is talking about until Feb. 14th. (Stealthy, secretive)
  •  This must be a surprise for him/her every day. Don’t give it away that this is you melting his/her heart.
  • TIP:  Everyone uses candy kisses at Valentine’s, which is adorable, but I am staying away from them here.  You can use them if you want, but change it up so it isn’t old and un-inventive.


  1. You will begin on Jan. 31st (which is next Saturday by the way) late in the evening or on Feb. 1st when he/she isn’t expecting it.
  2. For the next 14 days you are going to make ONE little heart creation every day for sweetheart to find.  Remember, get creative.  You can decorate the inside of your heart with items as well.  Have fun with this!
  3. Only ONE heart a day. Don’t overload. Subtle is the key, don’t smother with hearts everywhere!
  4. Decide which of the ideas fit your relationship.  I am super spontaneous and do this by the day and what I am feeling, but you may be the kind that has to map it all out beforehand. 
  5. Use your imagination, for heaven’s sakes and adapt things that don’t fit. Look around your house, at the grocery store, at the hardware store.  What can you use? This is not rocket science, but it is much better if it is personal. In fact you will probably start dreaming about ideas…
  6. Squeezing out a fast heart from your toothpaste tube does not constitute a thoughtful part of this package.  This is not, “Oh darn I forgot.  What can I do fast!”  The thought behind, the element of surprise and the doing is part of the gift!
  7. KEY:  Your finished creation MUST MUST MUST look neat and clean.  He/She will take notice!
  8. If you have a difficult time making a “clean” neat shaped heart, take some typing paper and fold it in half.  Cut a half heart shape out and open it up and use this as your heart pattern.  Be sure to place your heart on a surface that will look cool.  Often black construction paper really makes it stand out.  Make the background contrast with the color of your heart.
  9. Remember, simple but clean is the key.  He/She is going to go crazy in love with you!
  10. If you’re a mom/dad, let the kids be in on it with you.  They will keep your secret and love to help! Every child loves to see their parents in love!


(Adapt to your own relationship)

On Jan. 31st at midnight you are going to create this next to his/her wallet, purse, keys or phone or whatever he/she grabs as he/she leaves the house.

Heart #1 

Everyone has a bunch of pennies.  Create a heart shape out of only pennies on a piece of construction paper—preferably a blue because that will make them stand out more. (Remember be secretive) If you need a pattern use the heart shape you made from your typing paper cut out.  This heart needs to be as big as the paper.  (Reminder, don’t leave the pattern there, silly!) NO small hearts either.  In the center you can write on another piece of paper: “When I found you, that was my “lucky” day! Happy Feb. 1st.” 

That is all.  No, “Love, Tommy”, or “Isn’t this so cool, what do ya think huh huh huh…” Remember stealthy, simple and clean, elegant, and keep it a surprise all 14 days.

 Heart #2

Arrange crayons pointing out from a heart shape on a white foam core board, with a middle crayon in the center that is his/her favorite color.  Write YOU on the crayon wrapper.  Then leave a tiny note in the center of the heart under the crayon that says:  “YOU color my world, or YOU are my favorite color, HAPPY FEBRUARY 2nd.”

Heart #3 

Buy a bar of soap ahead of time. (Ivory is super soft for carving) With a pencil draw a heart in the center.  Now take a kitchen knife and carve the heart in the soap.  Place where he/she will notice with a note— like in the shower…(This blog is G rated) But you could write an innocent Boy Scout tune of… “Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap…bar of soap…I’d go slippy slippy slidy over..your little hidey, Oh, I wish I were a little bar of soap! Happy Feb. 3nd”

Heart #4

Go buy 2 cans of black olives. Use your heart shape for your guide and place the olives around the border of the heart pattern.  Make sure this is done on a white or colored sheet of paper or a cool plate. This heart will be placed in a place you choose, maybe her kitchen counter.  You can say “Olive me loves Olive you!  Happy Feb. 4th.”

Heart #5

If you live near sand pour some in a shoe box you probably have in your closet.  Smooth the sand really nice then draw a heart in the dry sand.  Or line the box with foil or plastic wrap, wet the sand, and draw your heart in wet sand.  If you do not have sand, you can use white corn meal that you use to make corn bread. Place this at her work desk, or near her computer. “Happy Feb. 5th” is all you need to say on the note.

Heart #6

Did I not say toothpaste!   Well this has creative flair and spontaneity written all over it! Rub MINT toothpaste all over his/her bathroom counter or mirror until its thick and smooth. Yep right in the bathroom! (You can substitute shaving cream too.)With your finger draw a big heart in the center.  Leave a note:  “We were MINT to be together! Happy Feb. 6th.”

Heart #7

Take 2 men’s ties or woman’s scarves.  Make them into a huge heart shape on his/her bed.  You can use other ones to make swirls or make the heart thicker.  Then write:  “You, wrapped around my neck, is what I dream about!  Happy Feb. 7th.”

Heart #8

That other bar of Ivory soap that came in the dual pack can be used to your advantage. You can write on glass with soap and it is easily removable.  Make a huge heart on the inside of her car windshield so he/she has to look at it the entire way to work, to school, to the dentist, etc!  Draw hearts on his/her side mirrors, her rear view mirror and then leave a note: “Love on the go” or “You drive me crazy! Happy Feb. 8th.”

Heart #9

If your guy/girl is a sweet tooth go buy a huge bag of M&M’s, chocolate chips, and other chocolate treats.  On a white paper use your pattern  to make an M&M heart for the border.  Then on the inside place all the chocolate chips to fill in the inside.  Write:  “MMMM good, that’s what you are.”  Happy Feb. 9th.” Or, “You’re my sweetheart!”

Heart # 10

Do you live in snow? The snow heart:  Place water in a squirt bottle with red food coloring in it and go outside and walk a heart in the yard.  Then squirt the inside red.  Or build a big snow-heart  like a snow man. Place your message on a sign attached to a snow shovel.  No Snow? Fill a clear pan with water and freeze.  Put flower petals on the ice, or nuts and bolts, or anything you can think of to freeze in a heart shape and pour one more inch of water over it and freeze again so the heart is frozen inside the ice.  Run under water and then pop it out of the pan and leave it where he/she can see. The ice will melt so place on something to catch the water; like a cookie sheet. (Thanks Z) Write on note: “When “I C E”  See You, I melt!  Happy Feb. 10th.”

Heart #11

Go to the local grocery store or florist.  Buy one color of carnations or his/her favorite flower.  You are making a heart from the tops of the flowers so you will snip off all the tops and arrange in a heart shape.  Then cut the stems to say “Happy Feb. 11th.”  Place on her doorstep again. You can fill in the heart with a different color flower…so beautiful 🙂

Heart # 12

Get a cookie sheet or white paper and pour one side of the heart as sugar and one side as cinnamon.  In the middle of the heart you will place a warm hot cinnamon roll.  You will say:  “You are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  Enjoy Feb. 12th.”

Heart #13

Make your heart with only small assorted toys and/or game pieces.  (Go to the dollar store if you don’t have access.)  Fill the entire heart shape full of toys. Then write: “Can I come over and play?  Happy Feb. 13th.”

Heart # 14

Go buy some small votive candles or use Christmas lights.  Remember you are making atmosphere along with your heart.  In the evening or night, make a large heart with the candles or lights in her front yard, and place YOU right in the middle holding a sign which says, “Happy February 14th, Will you be my Valentine?”  Please smell nice, look handsome or beautiful and speak sweetly.   I guarantee, he/she will run to you, give you a huge hug and say, “Yes, I will!”

After that you are on your own. 

 I am so proud of you!  Great Job!


  •  Make a heart outline only with a few layers of safety pins and fill the inside with straight pins. (Or you can substitue a heart made of honey, tape, or glue, etc.)  Write:  I am stuck on you…
  • If your man/lady does not like sweets, you can use different types of fruits and vegetables to outline a heart and fill it in.  Just make a cool heart design and remember to repeat color or shape. “You’re sweet and sour…pucker up!”
  • Nuts and bolts can be used to make a heart that says “nuts about you.” Or you can use real nuts to make your heart shape if there are not allergies.
  • Make a heart like a sand castle at the beach.
  • Make a heart from Cheerios and say “Knowing you makes my heart Healthy”
  • Pancake hearts are yummy.  Make a HUGE one and don’t forget the whipped cream!  Hey you could squirt out a heart with whipped cream and place chocolate chips and blueberries in it.
  • Make a paper chain heart garland. Take a one inch strip of construction paper and fold in half. Bring the two end point into the fold then staple. Make a round chain on either side then connect the next heart into the round chain. Repeat the pattern until you have a long paper chain heart garland. You can write something you love about your Valentine on each one of the hearts to read. Put someplace fun!

14 Days of Valentine’s Packages 2-4

Easier quickies with similar results…

  1.  Go buy an assortment of Sponge Bob, Spider Man, Barbie, or Smurf children’s valentines, or ones you love.  For the next 14 days give your sweetie one a day in secret spots where they aren’t expecting a little note.  Simple…So cute! (In shoe, in purse, in car, in desk, in pocket etc.)
  2. On a white paper doily place ONE message candy heart right in the middle. Choose the exact message written on the heart for the day.  Do for 14 days.
  3. Go buy 14 regular Valentine’sy type cards.  There are some absolutely fantastic cards created for Valentine’s Day.  Some serious, some funny, some cheap, some super elaborate.  Spend the next 14 days leaving these cards in various spots for your sweetie to find. (Costly) Put in fillers for fun like coupons for a date, a picnic, a walk together, a night making out in the car, etc.
  4.   Do “sweet” service for 14 days for your sweetheart. Each 14 days alternate giving something to each other like: Happy Feb. 3 you get a 30 minute foot-rub and on Feb. 4th I get mine! Once, I served my husband his favorite dinner in a big bubble bath tub. Then your sweetheart has to reciprocate what you give them the next night!  Do you get it?

(Reminder Disclaimer: I am Not responsible for all the kisses you will receive after this.)

 Part of the gift is the time, and the thought you put into it!


(This is a re-print of a past post)

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