What electives are you taking?

After about a week I don’t remember my New Year’s Resolutions.

I am going out on a limb and say I believe I share this with most humans!

I have come up with a new thought. I have been working on a masters degree using the snail approach. I still have one more year! I can’t explain it, being over a century in age but there is something that awakens my soul every September and every January which stirs me into anticipation that something new is about to begin!

This is why New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to work at this time, right? The new year! New changes, new adventures, new beginnings…

So I am taking the whole New Year’s thing in the approach of January 1 as being the BIG REGISTRATION TIME in the University of LIFE courses that all of us must complete just by simply being alive. (The snail approach in life’s great big education)

We all “get”to bear those “General Ed” courses which keep popping up and often take a life time to complete.

Then depending on what the Master professor–God, feels we need to specialize in we are offered, sometimes even surprised, with courses which stretch us, change us, and sometimes even feel they are offered to create great pains or even kill us.

But when you think of life this way it makes you think about other people a little differently. “Oh, yikes, they have to begin that course this year on hyperemesis, or  being single and alone, or inferiority about a career choice. I hate all the painful courses offered in Life’s University even though they are necessary for us to graduate!

BUT, don’t forget, Life’s University also offers the infamous free-choice classes which we all gravitate to in school because, hopefully, we can get a good grade in them along with possibly turning out to be fun! You know the ones–


That badminton course or Foods 101 which when scheduled in allows us to look forward to that “fun” hour during our week when we can let down a little and relax and not have to take “school” so seriously for a few minutes.

This is what all this chatter is about for my New Year’s Resolution. I am going to register for an elective course this January. I haven’t spent time yet looking through the University of Life’s course catalog, but when I do, I will let you know what I got.

So, think of January as a new semester beginning. The GE’s and God’s personalized  courses will always be required to pass.

But what electives are you going to take this year?


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