Oh, I just love this…

This is true!

My teenage son and I get on a train.

“Hey look,” I said, “the seats have been changed to red and white for Christmas!”

We sit.

The conductor comes to ask us for our tickets.

“Excuse me, is this the Polar Express?” I asked.

“What?” He replies

“You know, the Polar Express! None of the other trains we have been on have red and white seats. I want to know if this is the real Polar Express?”

He chuckles.

“No really, are you going to sing to us or give us hot chocolate before we go to the North Pole?” I was on a role.

He turns to my son and taps his shoulder, then in a thick Brooklyn accent he goes, “Is she always this pushy?”

My son is taking it all in. (He loves the Polar Express just as much as I do, he just won’t admit it at this time in his life.)

The conductor takes our tickets and punch-punch-pause-punch-punches into them…not once but just like in the movie

then returns them to us with a pattern.

My son and I study our tickets then look up in surprise.

“I knew it!” I exclaimed. “So is our song next?”

Then he says, “I can’t sing but here is some music.”

And he gets out his harmonica

and plays us a tune!


This really happened!

My son got off the train and said, “That guy was Awesome!

Sigh, I love what Christmas does to people!

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