the annual Christmas squabble


In the fine print for those who step delicately
into the “magical” realm–
(continued from past post!)

Along with the light

always lurks the dark

trying to thwart good

from happening…

So do you want to know one of our annual Christmas fights?

The culprit begins with a sweet story called the Christmas Jars and this…

The Christmas Jar

The Christmas Jar

As a new tradition, after I read the story, was to encourage everyone in the fam (remember atmosphere and fun building the anticipation) to collect our loose change from the dryer, under the couches, left on the counters, etc. and place it in this jar in our kitchen all year long. We are supposed to find a “special” (emphasis on that word) person to give it to at Christmas time as was done in the story. Sweet, right? What could go wrong?

Well they forget to tell you in the story that the jar is really heavy, especially if you lug it to New York City to find that special someone. And I can’t just allow the kids to choose the first someone we see to give it to because I am waiting for all of us to have the little xylophone tinkle in the air, and for the sparkle in the eyes as a connection is being made that never does. My partner, who is a clone of Mr. Krabs money ethics on Sponge Bob, is already having troubles parting with loose change and was never sold on this as a good thing. But he always goes along with my…ideas!

So as we bull doze through the Christmas crowds, I continually hesitate over and over again while we all take turns carrying and shifting and trailing behind breathing heavily sharing the weight of this joyous jar when in everyone’s thoughts the easiest thing to do would be to either throw the dumb jar in the Hudson River or drop it on the cement! But what happens is that I feel everyone could use a Christmas Jar, and how do I go about trying to make everyone feel they were special and chosen at Christmas time! I can only choose one in all of New York City! That is hard.

It usually ends with me being really touchy because no magic happened and I blame it on the complainers so we choose someone random about six minutes before we catch our train to come home. Everyone is tired and the literal atmosphere smells like steam, sweat, and garlic. And the very long ride is quietly grumpy!

So I promised my family no more jar in the city. I never ever do it with my partner… ever! Usually it is with one or two of my kids and we choose to lug it around in search of that one soul who will be completely surprised and feel great when getting it!

(Past jars, a Russian taxi-bike driver, a Korean taxi driver, a child earning money for a leper colony, a doorbell ditch to a family we saw in need, a homeless woman…the list goes on.) And so will the squabbles at Christmas time because darkness will always try to dampen the light. I see it also in life. I am trying to hold tightly to the light the best I can and can only hope and believe it will always cancel out the darkness!


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1 Response to the annual Christmas squabble

  1. Katie says:

    Hahahaha! Oh the Christmas jar memories. Sorry if I’ve added to the darkness a few of those times! You’re a good mama

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