Letting out the magic…

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My mom taught me something treasured and powerful about being a mom. It is one of those precious morsels which recipe only comes from whispers of the heart and is embraced with the innocence of believing, of course with some sugar and glitter, then combined with a huge amount of love. I think of her and I think of it every December first even though she lived this every single day of her life. It is this…

I create the “inside” atmosphere in my home as a stay at home mom. Not just at Christmas time, but all the time. Think of it! I determine the weather on the inside. God, of course does the outside. Will it be sunny and warm today on the inside of these walls? Will we have thunder or lightening, fog, or gray days? How long will it last? Will there be a hurried cyclone or a happy breeze?

But that isn’t all. It is not just the weather, we create…come a little closer to hear the rest. It’s so special it needs to be whispered…if you are ready…

It isn’t only the weather but it is letting out the magic. It doesn’t just happen, she says, we have to believe and trust and recognize how important it is to let the magic out and then…we make it happen! (Santa is part of this recipe; secret elves, wishing on stars, the tooth fairy, imaginary friends who guard our beds, birthdays wishes…the list goes on.)

You may think it goes unnoticed…

but the atmosphere inside,

sprinkled with magic

lasts a lifetime…

Join with me this December and once again let’s let the magic out. We create the atmosphere for Christmas and every day on the inside. Mom is watching this year from heaven, smiling and thinking… ‘yep…she understood….’

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1 Response to Letting out the magic…

  1. Stephanie Young says:

    Love this, Jennifer! We have felt the magic in your home.

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