Not bad for 8 years!

Gilbert, The School Tree

Gilbert, The School Tree

There is something about trees that speak to my soul. I have become the “tree lady” over the years, creating them. I love it!

This one is my favorite. Out of a blue post (one in the background) evolved this beautiful warm welcome to our neighborhood school 8 years ago, as a gift. It is made out of coat hangers, lots of wire, metal, and paper-mache! There are over 60 items hidden or embedded in the tree to discover along with inspirational words carved into it. My signature is a little hidden door which you can barely see under the bench to the left. (There is a little family that lives inside! The kind is up to you…) The tree is named after my Uncle Gilbert, who was an extraordinary landscape artist who became blind in one eye after a tragic car accident as a child, and then in his old age eventually went completely blind. He was an inspiration to me, and lived long enough for me to pay tribute to him with Gilbert. He could not see him physically but, he said, “he could see him on the inside.”

I visit my tree yearly to make sure he’s looking great for the families who enter! With only a few cracks here or there, he is aging well, and the school loves him! They come sit around him. They do writings about him and often add things to his branches. There even has been a little harmless thievery as I used to supply a pile of marbles in the hole you see on the left behind the sign. Every time I visit the pile is gone. This year we did a little boost to his ego. My son and I dusted, patched and added a new clear coat over the entire trunk. The same son, who 8 years ago was graduating from this school. The school’s mascot, a doggy, sits on the tree-house reading a book to a squirrel. As you can see, I forgot to put the book back! (oops!) Oh well, it allows me the excuse to visit again. Part of my soul is in this 13 foot tree.See you soon Gilbert.

Part of our souls go into every piece of art work we touch!




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  1. This is incredible. You are so talented!

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