beautiful souls…


Babbers now shows the world

autism consists of  beautiful souls

trying to teach us important lessons

about how we should live life,

not the other way around.

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4 Responses to beautiful souls…

  1. osomann says:

    Never have I felt such a strong spirit as I felt with my autistic cousin when he was here. Angels do walk among us.

    • We were recently talking about that in our family. There is a draw to their spirits that we can’t quite describe. Something holy. Not easy, definitely not easy. But there is something deeper in them that we are supposed to search for, don’t you think? Thank you for feeling comfortable to share.

      • osomann says:

        There certainly is. I have a nephew and niece that are both autistic. I love when they come to visit and we get to tend them. Each time someone else in the family comments on how nice we are to them and how wonderful we would help. Unfortunately they cannot see and feel what I feel when they come or they would be envious if the opportunity that we receive on occasion.

  2. Now we need to tell others not to be afraid…

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