Love is green?

Young green is what my husband and I call the color of New England in the spring.It is the freshest, happiest color and it has exploded everywhere!

We have a new man in our neck of the woods.
We are owners of a new male Holly bush.
Woo-woo…big deal!
So our Arborist…
I didn’t know I even needed an Arborist until we found out we have emotionally disturbed berm trees who are choking themselves because of something that happened in their past! Really, no lie! The Arborist knows!
It was then she happened on a large bush in our front yard that she mentioned we had another dilemma. (Not discounting the psychologically disturbed trees I would surely be paying a huge sum for to what have home visits with a tree psychologist?)
“What? I asked.”
“Your Holly may be dead–the winter did it in.” (She didn’t need to tell me, it looked like it had been torched)
“The predicament is that you have two female Hollys and they need a male to live.”
“Female Hollys? What, wait, I have to have a male and a female plant?”
(All you gardeners are rolling your eyes, shaking your heads, ready to click delete, whispering is she an idiot?)
I didn’t know!

But wait, here’s the good part!
Sooooo, the big woody Holly tree rolls in last week flaunting his gorgeous spiky green leaves as, I guess the old Holly ladies begin to gawk. Then it rains for days stopping today!
I go out on my walk and notice, no lie, those gals must have gone to the plant beauty parlor because one was sprouting some fresh new green shoots and the other cougar Holly looked perky and prettier than she had in years.
I think we are now instigators of a Holly plant love triangle–
besides psychologically troubled trees.
Who knew?

Young green and much more…

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