The Old Family Car

It is time to say good-bye
to something that has become,
well like family to us.
It is our worn out…car!
As I dig my hands deep
between the seats
and pockets to clean it out
I find old ticket stubs, candy wrappers,
smashed crackers,and squished paper cups. Why
do I feel sentimental doing this!
I feel like I am betraying an old friend
as we prepare to give it away.

I get this feeling those
front head lights are piercing in my soul
saying to me, “WAIT…YOU’RE GIVING ME AWAY!?
I thought I was a part of the family!”

That old car shared a lot with us.
I confided in it when I drove alone.
It put up with our family’s tone deaf singing!
We watched some good shows together as we covered lots of miles.
We had some good and serious talks sitting inside.
That good old car kept us safe
and warm…and cool.
We even used it once to sleep in a few times when
camping outside was too wet.
It carried groceries, sports equipment, art stuff, dump stuff, garage sale finds, gardening and house supplies.
But it mostly carried precious cargo–family and friends to lots and lots of places.
That car was an extension of home.
We laughed and cried in it.
There was some pouting, some shouting,
but mostly some really good family fun!

Okay, I’m crazy.
But I feel sad
to say good-bye.
Nothing can replace that old car.

It was a really great car!

I have that achy feel in my stomach
now that it is time to say good-bye…
Good-bye to that little place on wheels
and a window of our life!

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