Fill in moms

Yesterday my car was stuck inside a parking lot because a serious accident blocked the entrance. I had been on an excursion with four other mother’s from my town. We were trying to hurry home to meet buses and be home for our school kids. As we exited the freeway ramp and headed toward our church, where our cars were, we noticed the flashing lights from blocks away. My heart dropped. It was the exact place where my son entered and exited the parking for the high school. The closer we got the more anxious I became. We pulled into a private driveway next to the church and we now could see the fireman using the “jaws of life” trying to get someone out of a flattened white sedan. There was another dark car, the color of my son’s  facing the wrong way up on the church lawn. I felt ill. We all began to run closer while I began to call my boy.

As we got close I thankfully realized it was not my son’s car, but was two of his classmates. Everyone was focusing on getting the person out of the other car. Lights were flashing everywhere. Traffic was diverted. They two boys were sitting on the wet ground with no one around, shivering.

Four mothers kicked in! We rushed to the boys touching them and talking to them. We put our jackets on them and checked their heads and eyes. One of the mom’s was a nurse. (Their wind shield was cracked and air bags deployed) They explained that the other car pulled out in front of them. They were on their way to Chipotle. They were frightened but trying to be calm and cool.

We decided to wait with them until their own mother’s came. We knew once the mother’s saw the emergency vehicles and lights they would be frightened. All of a sudden, it makes me cry just thinking of it, a woman comes running  from no where. She has this look of  terror on her face, which I will not forget, as she weaves through the police and paramedics. She sees the car and bolts to where we were standing. She sees her son and begins to cry as she runs. She rushes to him and crabs him tightly.We stayed to give her support for awhile too.

Our job was finished.

There is a network much more powerful than any electronic kind. It is the “fill-in” mother’s. We watch, worry, and come when anyone’s children need us. We come for other mother’s too. It’s ingrained in us, I think…

I hugged my own son a little tighter that night when he came home.

Thank you to fill-in mom’s who have been there for my own children throughout their lives!

Earth angels!

Happy mother’s day

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2 Responses to Fill in moms

  1. Emily says:

    Amazing and scary! That fear is the worst thing in the world.

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