There was a chill in the church.

I put my hands in my coat pockets while the Easter sermon hummed along.

In an instant I was mentally and emotionally transported to another place.

Inside my right pocket was dirt.

I pulled it out as a lump grew in my throat.

My peach jacket had been cleaned after my mother’s funeral.

This was unexpected…

and wonderful.

That day in February,

I had grabbed a handful of the dirt that buried my mother’s body

before the carpet of sod lie over the mound of her, now marked grave.

I released it in my pocket as the very very… very last morsel of the heavy moment.

The Easter sermon continued but my thoughts reminisced.

Tears flowed, and I tried to conceal them.

A different feeling came over me, then.


broke the bonds

of death and mortality.


someplace else

and far away

absorbed tears of blood,

surrounded a wooden cross,

a burial tomb,

and a blessed garden where new life and hope



in my pocket;

An Easter gift–







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