Mc Donald’s French Fries

I did it!

It was an indulgence that needed to happen!

Babbers is now a big brother.

He is confused why a bundle of blankets,

which sometimes makes squawking noises

takes his place on mommer’s lap all of a sudden.

He needed a treat beyond treats.

An indulgence that would make him feel on top of the world and forget for a moment it wasn’t only him anymore.

Then I saw the golden arches as we drove home from grocery shopping.

That was it!

He has never had a Mc Donald’s french fry. Not because mommers and dadders are converts of Super Size Me propaganda,but because he has eating issues and still can’t eat most solid foods due to “being on the spectrum.”

BUT today was going to be a lucky day. (I hoped)

I pulled in the drive through…

ordered the small bag of golden deliciousness.

I pulled over to the side of the parking lot basking in the French Fry aroma. It over took me for a second!

(Can you smell it now…)

I could barely contain myself from snitching a few myself. I knew he wouldn’t care, but this was his indulgent moment!

I handed him a fry. I think he thought it was a hot vege stick. (Oh darling, so so not that.)

He wasn’t expecting the feel of it and dropped it with a look of distaste.


Is there anyone who could possibly not like Mc Donald’s french fries? I shutter at the thought. I believe strongly that all those people who turn their noses up against fast foods and transfatty oils still secretly have a deep hidden love for Mc Donald’s french fries if they ever had one! How could you not! There isn’t anything like it.

Here goes! I bit the hard part off the top–all for the sake of Babbers choking, mind you!

The taste instantly grabbed my taste buds and screamed “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!”  I chewed and swallowed methodically to make the brief moment last.

Now it was Babbers moment–I broke off a warm, soft, perfectly salted middle piece and gently placed it in Babber’s mouth.

There was a look of surprise but no instant spit out.

“Chew-Chew-Chew,” I said in my happy grammy voice.The therapists tell us to say that, to remind him to …well chew.

He rolled it around his tongue and then did the chewing motions.

And then…he got another look.

He smiled!

His feet started kicking his car seat!

His hands did the sign for MORE



I sat in the car and slowly and methodically

fed this grand indulgence

piece by piece

to my little grandson.

‘This is so much better than strained baby food!’

Babbers got to forget for one brief moment

and indulge on what I think is one of the best indulgences life can offer.

I did it, I admit it!

And I am not ashamed…




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