Do you wake up every day

expecting things

without really acknowledging

any miracles?

What miracles?

Do you ever say,

‘I don’t witness any “walk on water” miracles!!’

But they come everyday.

I would like to list a few of my recent miracles:

A gigantic metal bird lifted its tons of weight in the air and flew me across the country–how does that happen?

a miracle!

Pinky figures out, all by herself, how to use her arms to pull herself up to a crawl and move forward! How does a baby figure that out? Who teaches her how?

a miracle–not only that but I watched her do it while she was a trillion miles away and I was looking at her on an electronic screen!

another miracle!

A baby, floating in water inside a human body (a mommy), comes out to breath air. And that mommy which housed that baby, now called Luke, can feed him with her body. How does that work?

a miracle!

Babbers was given a bleak diagnosis last Aug. which questioned whether he would walk…


But Babbers did not care about a neurological diagnosis and with determination he began taking his first alone steps at a play ground because he wanted to go on the slide, like the other kids!

a miracle!

Easter is coming…

Jesus Christ atoned for all of our sins, our worries, our hurts, our fears, our losses, our mess-ups and then promised us He would rise and came back to life.

And he did…

a miracle!

This morning the sun rose in the sky and I didn’t want to just expect it to.

I wanted to rejoice that it was a miracle that this big beautiful earth turned slowly on her gigantic axis just the right way so the sun could light my side of the earth today and start a new day, full of surprises…

and many more miracles…

I want to notice

and rejoice!







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1 Response to Miracles

  1. Emily Edwards says:

    So cute! Love this.

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