Just words…Don’t waste your time reading

It’s been 2 weeks today since I buried my mom…

For the next little while my posts will be a waste of your time,

but not mine.

A “downer” for you, so stop reading.

I am in grieving time, and that is okay.

 The tears do not flow on the outside as frequently as they did-

yet I continue to cry on the inside.

Searching through my silent world

I seek an outlet for my tears.

And so, once again I turn to the arts.

My medium will be words—

my canvas will be my blogs.

I don’t have the energy or desire

to make the effort for a mess.

Here is my expression today…


The “D” word.

It is much more terrifying than the awful “F” word.

The “D” word lives in every living thing’s nightmares–The “D” word is DEATH.

The “F” word—just a release of negative energy; crude and vulgar—

but not usually feared to hear even though it is offensive to most.

But the “D” word– it goes deep to the core for us all.

And often we don’t want to think of it,

hear of it, or speak of it until it shakes us and

stares us in the face, leaving us to face the reality—

if we can even get our heads around the reality of death.


Certainly we don’t want to read a blog post about death. Why would we?

Ew Gross!

Yet we watch it perhaps every single night on television or in movies.

We can’t keep our curiosity away from sneaking a peek.

Why is that?

Something that we are terrified of we enjoy watching—steps away.

Does virtually looking make us feel as conquerors—.

Perhaps is it because we all know

we are standing

 on that same escalator

inching closer,

second by second,

minute by minute,

hour by hour

towards death,

 as time won’t stop ticking!

Sometimes we try to run down a few steps

 to keep us from moving closer to that terrifying end,

some of us even choose to do things which move us up a few stairs,

some scoot up way too fast not by choice–

but we can’t get off.

We know we can never get off.

That escalator makes me feel weird right now

as someone close to my heart

has finished her ride.

I hate the “D” word.

It makes me lonesome.

It makes me homesick.

It makes me tired.

It makes me afraid…

It makes me…

hold tightly

to the only thing I know

to hold on to

which is…LIFE and LOVE!

Hmmm…the “L” words.


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2 Responses to Just words…Don’t waste your time reading

  1. peggy says:

    your words are more than worth reading. your word art frames the feelings we all face and try to hide from if we can. you are close in my heart , in my thoughts and prayers. sending you a hug, a tear or two thousand and lots and lots of love.

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