One Big Forest Family

I love love love my forest family!

Okay, sometimes they are pests,

but what family doesn’t have pests sometimes.

Today it is  7 degrees where I live.

I am hibernating inside, but not my forest family!

The sparrows do a “cold feet” dance flitting on top of snow mounds, pecking at bird seeds that have fallen from the feeders.

My 10 dove children wait patiently on the roof of the swing set, all in a row–they coo and peck…

The fat squirrels are the “big kids,” bossing the others with their chatters,

hanging in contorted positions to reach the food hung strategically away from them.

I lost that battle years ago!

The bright red cardinals contrast with the white snow. They are the “middle children,” who tease the squirrels, sneaking treats while they eat, and then ignore the younger sparrow brothers and sisters.

While I sip my hot chocolate, petting my lazy cat on my lap–who also watches carefully,

I can’t help but be entertained like a mother watching her little forest children scuffle and play in the snow.

They perform for me; chattering and seemingly laughing…

I feel adopted by them somehow. They know I am here, smiling and watching–and feeding them.

And it feels comforting like one big earth family facing winter together.

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