It’s that time of year again!

I am so happy

there are people

out there

who LOVE

to buy all of those

matching pottery barn baskets,

those perfectly aligned wood or plastic

stalls for





canned goods,

and more, and then


organize their stuff

so perfectly neat and tidy–

as all the magazines tell us to do.

Good for YOU!!

I am still here for you to shake your head and point your finger at!

I am once again declaring my New Year’s resolution as not being YOU!

(I do own some of those fancy bins…)

And I just can’t match that

spic and span existence.

I know where my “stuff” is.

You see,

I am stuck,

on purpose mind you,

in the hoarder section,

the sentimental I-can’t-throw-away-that–section,

and the “I can use that for something cool” section.

I just never measure up to a tidy,


organized home

of perfection.

I use creative as my excuse!

(Besides, I know those organized junkies really ditch all their other stuff in the trunk of their car or in a storage unit, but shhhh, we are not telling that part…)

So here is my confessional. This is ONE of my junk drawers, below. My New Year’s Resolution is to have this year be a year of “letting go.”

My wonderful junk drawer!

So, I bravely opened this drawer today, moved all the stuff around to see what could possibly go, and pushed down firmly to close it quick. Everything in that drawer reminded me of someone in my family, some year of our family’s growth, some place we went or night we played that game, or some thing I know I will need at 11:30 p.m., one night, when I am teaching a class or doing an art project.


Once again, I have a wonderful excuse to be done with my New Years Resolution for, yet, another year….

No, really I will let something go…

the stress of organizing my junk drawersssssss!

My NEW New Year’s Resolution: Be kind to yourself!

I am off to paint! Now where did I put that new paint brush…


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1 Response to It’s that time of year again!

  1. peggy says:

    amen and amen!! i love you!!

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