A love story



Mary “carried a secret in her soul, holier, greater, and more thrilling than any ever born before or since,” (82) and so needed companionship with someone she could confide.

She was instructed by the angel to visit her cousin Elisabeth and her husband Zacharias, for three months.

But it came time to face her condition and explain to Joseph, who she was betrothed to,  the secret, not knowing how he would take it.  She knew a vow of betrothal, in these days, was “in some respects as binding as the marriage vow.” (84) Would Joseph believe her? Would he annul the agreement between them? She must have been frightened and heart sick.

An annulment to the betrothal could be done in 2 ways: 1. By public trial and judgement. 2. Private agreement but signed by witnesses of the separation.

What crossed through Joseph’s mind when Mary explained the news of her condition? He loved her and she him.

What would he do, his heart must have been broken!

Thankfully he did not have to make that choice. When, “behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream…”(Matthew 1:20-21) He was given his answer and he hastened the marriage, not only to gain full legal right as her lawful guardian, but to protect Mary.

They were happily wed.

The little baby, Jesus came to a loving family.

But Joseph knew her not till she had brought forth her first born son.


Talmudge, J. E . Jesus The  Christ. Salt Lake City: 1981

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