little donkey

Trusted friend

Trusted friend

I can picture a scene.

Joseph rubbing your soft fur

on the tip of your ears as you chew the grain,

explaining what you must do.

You are still–but you twitch.

Joseph carefully lifts sweet Mary

on your back and packs around her.

You are still, as you feel her small hand run through your wiry coat.

You follow your master,



one foot in front of the other.

The rhythm of the long journey

to Bethlehem.



Rest finally comes

in the night.

Fresh water


Your warmth is used again,

as a pillow

to prop up Mary,

who will be come a mother…


You are still, you close your eyes

and breath as Mary breathes.

The rhythm of the long journey

called birth.



A baby cries out…

He has come!

The Shepherd

The Master.

The Savior of the world!

You are still,

but you know

and rejoice–

then finally sleep.

Tomorrow your master calls for you.

And you will be ready.

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