Really trying in bits and pieces

I am going to be honest with you.

I don’t feel like posting these posts each day.

I am forcing myself to do it.

Forcing myself to take that step toward Christ this season

even though every fiber of my being is pulling me away

to be depressed and grouchy.

That is why I HAVE to do it!

I NEED it for myself!

I am posting today’s post because it is me

I am speaking to.

All of them are selfishly pointed to ME for me!

Come to Christ, JEN when life’s trials feel

too heavy,

too much,

too sad,

too exhausting,

too lonely,

too hard…

So if my posts seem a bit too cheery or honey coated

it is because I am holding on for dear life to the One,  I know can help me through.


So…bear with me through the season

and if you are feeling the same way…come, let’s hold on together!

Keeping Christ in Christmas in bits and pieces:

Happy Friday Dec. 6th

 Something to hum today: “Oh Come…”

Oh Come All Ye Faithful    

J. Reading 1692

 To “come” means to be a part of, to be gathered, to be included.

Jesus doesn’t casually say “come,” he gently invites us to “Come follow me.”


Application:  Invite someone you love, you care about, you think about, you are concerned about to “come” be with you.  The importance is “the gathering”– not what you do.  Togetherness is the important part.  Make that appointment today for tonight, for tomorrow, for next week, for next month…. 


  1. Come for a walk

  2. Come for a Christmas story on my lap

  3. Come over for a simple lunch

  4. Come, let’s get an ice cream

  5. Come for a back rub

  6. Come sit on the couch and watch a Christmas show together.

  7. Come, so I can listen to you.

  8. Come go caroling with us.

  9. Just come as  you are…

 As you light your little candle at the dinner table tonight talk about how

Jesus Christ has room for everyone!  We’re all invited…. to come! 

“Come unto Christ and be perfected in him.” Moroni 10:32 

 For yourself: Come kneel at your bedside and show that no matter what, you will come!

“Our consistency in doing seemingly

small things can lead to significant

spiritual results.” David A. Bedmar

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