Jesus Christ in Christmas in Bits and Pieces

I am 3 days late

 beginning on Dec. first–

but that’s okay, because I love

Thanksgiving to linger–

 it was late this year!

Come in and peek

each day as I share simple

thoughts on keeping Christ in Christmas

in bits and pieces…

Think about this for a moment:

How is Jesus Christ a light for me?

What star am I following?

What choices can I do that will guide me in the better way…?

How can I be a light on this day for someone else?

Application: Begin a new simple holiday tradition today:

Tonight before you eat at your table for dinner, you and your family sit down together. Tell them we are going to start a new tradition tonight. Before you say the blessing on the food light one little candle and let the focus be on the light. Explain to your family, your spouse, your friend, yourself that Jesus Christ is our light.

Light is referred to as guidance, direction, knowledge, warmth, power, safety, and goodness. Discuss this or think about it. Every night before you eat dinner light that one little candle throughout the season, and each time remind yourself and your family, that Jesus Christ is our Light.

The lights at Christmas time are to remind us of this. (Remember, it takes effort to light a candle. We need to come to it–come to Christ.  We also are the one who blow the candle out…think about this.)

Hum some Christmas Music: ” Guide us to the Perfect Light…” “We Three Kings” John H. Hopkins

“Our consistency in doing seemingly 

small things can lead to significant 

spiritual results.” David A. Bedmar











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1 Response to Jesus Christ in Christmas in Bits and Pieces

  1. Happy says:

    That takes us up to the next level. Great pogsnit.

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