I promise

One week ago today

I got the dreaded call to come fast…

In a moments notice,

I jumped on a plane rushing

to my mother’s side

hopefully to see her one last time.

I was afraid to see her.

But when I walked in

her bedroom, where she

wants to be,

all of my fear


It is my mamma lying there.

She waited.

Her fragile heart

continues to beat now one week later.

We sit and wait, listening to her breath.

The doctor cannot believe it and says

she is a miracle!

Why, I am asked is she still here?

She only sleeps now.

But, I know why.

She continues to give.

I place my hand in the crook of her arm

and I feel her warmth.

I am comforted

sitting by her

in the quiet.

She has been

my home

my heart

and my rock

my whole life.

She is slowly saying good-bye.

Slowly dimming her light.

Sometimes she holds my hand tight.

I feel her light and love

flow inside me–

When she



will remember

the warmth,

and I will share it.

I promise.

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