“Wrong” is the wrong word!

Babies bring anticipated joy;

 All the firsts.

 The time is pure, innocent, and exciting.

 Life is full of wonder—



 when the world expects baby

 to meet the charts,

to meet the goals,

to meet the base lines,

and to act like all other babies,

                                                                   and baby


 then the question is posed,

 “What’s “wrong” with THAT baby?”

“Does he… ?” “No”

“Does he…?”  “No.”

 “Does he…?”  “No.”  

                                                                   To us, baby is perfect!


We are at the beginning stages of that “what is wrong” journey.

 “Special,” is the new term.

 We feel frightened, concerned, and often  heavy and heart sick.

                                                                  Baby to us, is beautiful.

                                                                   Baby to us, is sweet.

                                                                   Baby to us, is joyful…

                                                                   Our family’s  gift.   

 But the world keeps asking…

 What’s “wrong” with THAT baby…

 Baby doesn’t know anything is wrong with him.

He is just right!

 He doesn’t know why we take him to see so many people who

place him on crinkly paper couches,

take blood from his little arms and feet,

 place him under machines which make strange clicks,

 and keep pushing him to do things which hurt, or feel strange.

 He is frightened all these strangers keep touching him.

                                                               He is Happy—All the Time—At Home.

 But the world expects so much from him.

 And what they are expecting,

he may not need to do…

                                                                He already has changed how WE view things…

 He has a very big job

 to teach us!

                                                                 He shows us each day all the “rights” he possesses

                                                                 and how courageous HE is to live in a complex world

                                                                 where HE is viewed with lots and lots of “wrongs.”


I think we are in for an amazing journey ahead!

 Hard, yes.

 But some of the best journeys are the hardest ones.

 He is perfect, pure, and…so right!

 Here we go…                  

hold on to us tight earth angel–

Together will be the best way!

Come along with us…


     (Babers has been diagnosed with a neurological condition. We are still waiting for further test results and information to better his progress and prospects. We feel blessed to have him, and he and his mommy and daddy can always use lots of prayers.)                                                        

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3 Responses to “Wrong” is the wrong word!

  1. sarahnitta says:

    This was so beautifully written and brought me to tears! Trevor is an angel on earth and a blessing to all that see his sweet smile. Thank you for this awesome post that changes perspective and shines light on the gift that Trevor is.

  2. Tom Edwards says:

    Grandm’s and Grandpa’s prayers are constant for you and Trevor. This writing really sums up the feelings loved one’s have for Trevor. He is a beautiful, very special gift to our Family. I am confidant that his accomplishments now and through out his life will be notable and great!
    As this writing states, he doesn’t see any weaknesses, limitations or possible hold backs, his world is one of adventure and learning new and wonderful things. With the encouragement and love of his two outstanding Parents and extended family; Not to worry, Trevor will do exceptionally well and accomplish notable achievements during his life. He is a most wonderful gift from Our Father in Heaven, given to only the most special of Parents. Not to worry!
    Love to all Grandpa E.

  3. Ashley Cole says:

    Katie, this is beautiful. Keep sharing you uplifting word with us. Our prayers are with you.
    Ashley (Neeleman) Cole

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