Quirky Gratitude


November is the month

to concentrate

on being thankful.

I decided to pick one random

thing every day

and really think about

why I am grateful for it.

Today I picked a postage stamp.

Have you taken the time

to think how cool it is

that you can put a postage stamp

on a piece of paper

and it can be sent anywhere

in the world!

That is amazing!

I recently sent

colorful fall leaves in an envelope and

placed a postage stamp on it.

It was sent clear across the country!

I am thankful that I can pay a few coins

to buy a postage stamp and

the U.S mail will take care of all the rest!

Thanks U.S. Mail and mail carriers everywhere.

By the way…

Don’t we all go to the mailbox,

thumbing through the bills and junk,

hoping to get just one

snail mail letter–every day!

(Hint–write one. At least you are giving someone else that anticipated surprise!)

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