I do it for me!

Little Boo Boo

Little Boo Boo

Hello Little Boo Boo! It’s Halloween again!

There is something warm and cozy

about pulling out the special boxes

of past handmade-handpicked stuff

to display for the seasons.

There are stories that come with these decorations

and I won’t let them go–

the decorations are not fancy or elegant,

they are priceless.

Here is Boo Boo’s story:

My first year of college, away from home, I was really homesick. My mom would decorate our home with pumpkins, mums and things we made for Halloween.  An apartment away from that, without decorations felt cold and dreary. I bought a gallon of milk and a huge Styrofoam ball. I stuck the ball on the base and covered it with gluey cloth and let it dry. (I used the milk) Then I painted it and put it on our kitchen table. After I finished the ghost he accidentally was knocked off the table and the top of his head was dented so I placed a band aide on the top, and he’s had it there ever since. From then on he has been known as Little Boo  Boo.

Boo Boo's boo boo
Boo Boo’s boo boo


Inside the container, in the front I replenish with different candies as people would visit.  I found there were many college kids who were also homesick and missed holiday celebrations. Little Boo Boo has brought many smiles over many many years.  When I began to have children, he was the first out of the Halloween boxes to celebrate the holiday with us. He is still celebrating with me,  just as he did that first one so many years ago. We both are much older now, and Boo Boo holds his age much better than I do. But we share our love for Halloween and decorate with love, because it makes us both happy!



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