Been crawling on my floor lately…


No, my back isn’t thrown out.

Me and Babers are hanging out together

for awhile.


After I got past counting the dust bunnies

And steering away from daddy long legs

I began to see a whole new world.


Under the computer table is

the “man cave.”

But I’m allowed in


Grandma’s just are…


Have you laid your head on your

floor lately.

It feels hard and cool.

Carpets feel soft and a little scratchy.

The ceiling is wayyyyy up there from that view.


I’ve noticed scuff marks everywhere.


I like them.

It’s a memory mark

of this or that…

life and family

and indecision of furniture placement.


It may seem strange

but after Baber’s leaves…

I may find myself

still crawling on the floor…


It’s nice to see things

with new eyes!


Baby’s seem to help us out…



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