Holding tight to summer

Dear Summer,


You and me are going to hang out for the duration!


I got a new book at the library today when my flat tire was getting fixed next door.


I bought more sunscreen.


I am keeping my promise and won’t vacuum until the fall!


I want to continue to be awakened by birds playing tag at my feeders and serenaded by cicadas in the trees when I go to bed.


I am still eating cherries, reminiscing about when dad would climb the trees and throw them down on the grass for us to pick up in buckets when we were young.


I have beach towels still drying on the deck and flip flops gathered at the door.


I won’t make the kids go to bed.


I will take that extra walk in the sunshine, barefoot– just because.


I will go several more times to the beach and watch the waves come in and go out.


I will smell BBQ’s and chlorine, and bug spray until the end.


I will gladly stub my toe, because every summer everyone has to do it at least once and I haven’t stubbed mine yet.


I want to hold tight to you, summer. 


I am not ready for another school year to begin.


I am not ready to let you go…            



Please stay a little bit longer.





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2 Responses to Holding tight to summer

  1. Jessica says:

    I love this and this is exactly how I’m feeling. My summer ends in about two days and it seems as if I’m trying everything I can to hold on a little longer.

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