The Grin–Get’s Grinnier!

Babers is ONE!

Oh, Happy Day!

Today I have been a grandma for one year!

Remember last years post?

Chapter two is called The Grin–Get’s Grinnier!

I have to share.

Pretend its a novel, I’m a writer and I have changed the names so no one will know who I am talking about.

 Babers, Momers, Daders, Gramers and Grampers are the names I shall use.

Grin #1: Babers

“The world expects me to do soooo much!”

Baber has had it rough trying to establish his “Boss” title over the past year!

It’s been a lot of trial and error, but certainly not on Baber’s part!

Momers and Dadders were not getting it!

They needed a lot of extra training, and it was exhausting.

But Babers would not give up on his parents and felt it worth all the overtime!

He found the wee hours of the morning were when, mostly Momers, would comply the best!

Daders was a toughy trying to wake up!

But “Boss it is and Boss it will stay!”

Its a tough job being Babers!         


Grin #2: Momers

Momers has learned a very important fact this past year.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

(The year previous she learned that starvation, due to nausea, was a form of torture. Gee, she gets all the fun!)

There have been many breaking points where Babers could have “gotten out” all Momer’s secrets, yet

he felt already knew them

after that…                                                    

wild birth journey!

At one breaking point Momers met Gramers at the airport

on the brink of insanity

speaking in sleep deprived language,

that all mother’s understand perfectly:

“Bab…Di-prrrrr– rsssshhhh…

so T-r-d,



N-e-e-e-e-e-s S-s-s-l (tongue stuck),





She surfaced about four days later

with a deep crease across her face from the pillow,

and her hair stiff with dried drool.

Babers was weaned that week and had a wonderful vacation!

Grin #3:  Daders

Daders is a pro at watching babers until it is longer than 15 minutes.

“Hey Momers, there’s nothing to this!”

‘You can stand and jiggle while watching any sports event on my flat screen TV, you can grab and eat one handed, you can even strap Babers in a seat while you shower. Wonder why Momers acts so crabby all the time and says she needs a break. She can easily do her full time job at home, while tending Babers! There’s nothing to this.’

But one day Momers get’s smart and leaves Babers with Daders…

all day!

Daders decides to do a male-bonding thing and take Babers to a “manly” gun show.

He begins to sing a new tune, while he prepares to leave.

He  leaves Babers in the house while gathering the diaper bag, and the stroller. When he begins to drive away, he realizes Babers is still sitting in the house. But he leaves that part out when telling Momers.

That gun show was loud, sunny, and dusty.

You don’t notice all that extra “atmosphery” stuff when you go with someone older than 7 months.

When he returns that evening, he makes an appt. with the chiropractor because his back is kinked from lifting the stroller, diaper bag, and car seat and carrying Babers all day in the “Baby Bjorn.”

Babers has developed a new diaper rash because Daders remembered the bottles, but forgot the diapers! (Oh, just one of those little things)

‘Hey, those new Target diapers can hold a load of ….. without leaking!’ “Momers, since you work full time, we should definitely pay the difference!”

“Here you go, I’m going to take a nap!

Grin #4 Gramers and Grampers

We catch ourselves

with this satisfied grin

on our faces

as we have watched

our own daughter

fall in love

with her baby

and mothering,

all year.

It’s not an easy transition!

We love how she sings to him all day. 

We love to watch her look into his little face

with such adoration.

We love to listen to her talk to him in a funny voice.

We love to see it

because we hope

she will feel how much

love we have for her.

(We have loved watching our son-in-law too.)

It is sooooo much fun to be a Gramers and Grampers!

The Best Thing!

In two months we are going to get a new flavored Babers, I’ll call Pinky. From a new Momers and Daders,

I’ll call, Minky and Dinky.

They have NO IDEA what’s ahead!

I can’t wait!


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