Powerful Parenting from a Pacaderm

Sighed Mayzee, a lazy bird hatching an egg:

“I’m tired, and I’m bored

and I’ve kinks in my leg

From sitting, just sitting here day after day.

It’s work! How I hate it!

I’d much rather play!

I’d take a vacation, fly off for a rest

If I could find someone to stay on my nest!

If I could find someone, I’d fly away–free…”

Then Horton, the Elephant, passed by her tree.


 From Horton’s words and actions!


1. “I’ll stay and be faithful. I mean what I say.”

A little egg needs someone who will stay with them and be faithful to them with their whole heart.

2. The first thing to do is “to prop up this tree and make it much stronger. That has to be done. “

Little eggs need a home that will be safe and stable which will buffer them from the unpredictable world they don’t know yet.

3. “I must weight a ton.”

Little eggs  love unconditionally.

4. “Then carefully, tenderly, gently he crept up the trunk to the nest where the little egg slept.”

Doesn’t every little egg  deserve such honorable treatment from conception until they fly the nest and beyond?

5. Then Horton the elephant smiled. “Now that’s that…” 

Little eggs not only watch our faces everyday, but they can feel if we are happy with them.

6. And he sat and he sat and he sat…

Little eggs require TIME. Time gives emotional gifts like warmth, security, and the knowledge that you will always be there for them. Little eggs are designed that way to thrive. There is no other way but time.

7. And he sat all that night through a terrible storm. “This isn’t much fun,” the poor elephant grumbled, “I wish…”

Boy oh boy, do little eggs come with a HUGE price.

8. So Horton kept sitting there, day after day. And soon it was Autumn. The leaves blew away. And then came the winter…the snow and the sleet! And icicles hung from his trunk and his feet. But Horton kept sitting, and said with a sneeze, “I’ll stay on this egg and I won’t let it freeze. I meant what I said and I said what I meant…An elephant’s faithful one hundred per cent!” 

The storms of life will hit, but little eggs need a loving parent who won’t quit on them no matter what.

9. They taunted. They teased him. The yelled, “How absurd!” They laughed and they laughed. Then they all ran away. And Horton was lonely. He wanted to play. But he sat on the egg…”

Caring for a little egg is lonely work. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun. Stay at home parents aren’t always regarded as hip and current. How many times have you been told: “You need to get a life.” “Do you work?” You are so lucky to stay at home, I have to work.” “It must be nice to stay home ALL day.” “Do you know how it works with all those kids.” “Have you ever been to college?” “Why would you ever want to stay home and not get out and BE someone.” “Get out and talk to some real humans.”

10. “No matter WHAT happens, this egg  must be tended!”

There is a power in knowing your sacrifice will make a difference to the child, their whole life! Don’t give in to the world’s voices!

11. But poor Horton’s troubles were far, far from ended. For, while Horton sat there so faithful, so kind…

No matter how good or faithful you are, every little egg will have their own trials to go through. Be prepared…they will make it with your support. 

12. He turned with a start! Three rifles were aiming right straight at his heart!

Eggs need someone who will stand up for them and have a heart  braver than anything. Eggs are worth it!

13. Did he run? He did not! He held his head high and he threw out his chest…

There is no messing with a parent, especially when it comes to protecting their little eggs!

14. “I meant what I said and I said what I meant…But oh, am I sea sick! One hundred per cent!”  

What fun to rest your head on a cold toilet seat and like it during the beginning stages of incubating an egg!

15. And Horton said, day after day after day, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant…an elephants faithful– one hundred percent!

Hatching eggs is worth the time, and not only at the hatching stage but All stages!

16. There rang out the noisiest ear-splitting squeaks from the egg that he’d sat on for fifty-one weeks! A thumping! A bumping! A wild alive scratching! My egg! shouted Horton, “My egg! Why, it’s hatching!” 

 A burst of JOY fills your soul when you first hear that beginning cry, and lingers a lifetime, as you let your egg out into the world. Your little egg is yours until your heart stops beating, and will always be your miraculous gift.

17. “But it’s mine!” screamed the bird, when she heard the egg crack. (The work was all done. Now she wanted it back.)

Anyone can take your egg away from you and mold it there way, but the egg will hatch from the fruit of your labors.

18. Poor Horton backed down with a sad, heavy heart…

Parenting is the beginning of many good-byes.

19. But at that very minute, the egg burst apart! and out of the pieces of red and white shell, From the egg he’d sat on so long and so well, Horton the Elephant saw something whizz! It had ears and a tail and a trunk just like his! 

Your little egg will hatch and look just like you!

And That is a Powerful Promise.

(Adapted from Horton Hatches an Egg, by Dr. Seuss)




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