Asking out to Prom? 2 more ideas

If you need ideas for asking to prom visit this post below:

Here are 2 more ideas:

1. Secret message

2 tbs. lemon juice


Q-tip swab or paint brush

If you paint with lemon juice you will not be able to see the message when it dries. But if you hold to a light bulb or heat near a toaster your secret message will appear and be revealed. How intriguing it would be for your future prom date to receive a blank piece of paper in an envelope and then give instructions how to reveal the secret message! Hmmm!

2. Egg-cellent

hardboiled eggs

food coloring or Easter egg dye kit

white crayon

Remember when you used to write on a white egg with white crayon and the message showed up only after you placed it in the dye. Write your prom-asking message on as many eggs as you like and leave the dye kit (grocery story food coloring works too) and the eggs for your future prom date to anticipate the surprise by dying the eggs and revealing who asked them to the prom! Cool!


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