In my own way

Dear Dad,

One year ago today

you went to heaven

without saying good-bye.

I began writing you a letter

this morning

to tell you

all about

everything going on.

But stopped.

I realized

You already know everything.

You are watching us always.

I have cried off and on most of the day today.

Not only tears of missing you, but of joy and gratitude.

I am remembering your 

fun sense of humor and your wisdom.

I wore pink because I knew how much

you loved to see your girls in pink.

If I could wish for one thing

today, I would wish that you

could give our mom just one hug.

She is so lonesome without you,

it breaks my heart.

I miss you everyday.

At 4:23 pacific time I will be

sending a love message to you

by lighting a sparkler outside

and the smoke will reach to the

heavens and you will hear me

whisper, “I love you.”


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2 Responses to In my own way

  1. peggy Wintch says:

    Cant fathom that it has been a whole year. My heart and love goes out to you and your family on this anniversary of a very sad day .How much he is missed is a testament to how much he loved.

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