the forgotten day

…green plastic Easter grass, Cadbury chocolate filled eggs, jelly beans, “Dang it” they’re out of yellow peeps, okay I’ll run to Wallmart after I stop at Homegoods to get a clean table cloth, but maybe I should stop at the grocery story on the way so I don’t have to back track, Oh I am so glad I remembered to put the laundry in before I left, Hello?  Okay, I’ll pick up your white shirt at the cleaners but then you will need to pick up from the sleepover and get everyone to the March Madness Tournament, I need to make another stop at Wallmart, can  you believe Target is out of yellow peeps? But the pink bunnys are not tradition! okay I will see you at the gym, bye, What! you jerk who nicked my car door. people are so disrespectful, oh my gosh, I forgot the Easter egg dye, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget to get eggs when you go to the grocery store, okay I think its stuck in my mind  but when will we have time to dye them? perhaps before the movie. maybe  get Costco dinner, that’s fast, then I’ll fold the laundry, while everyone is doing eggs, oh no, what about the gym? (sigh) okay, I will park far out at my stops power walk in and carry all the bags instead of using a cart, that will have to suffice, Hello? what, who threw up in the car?…


this is the forgotten day…

tightly closed in


Raging storms

darkened skies.

Forced silence

even the very earth seems to have stopped rotating

Jesus Christ is dead!

The LIGHT has left.


begs for               pause…



anger !





What just happened      ?



must go on



not yet…

                                                               not yet…


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