Get Ready! It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Do Leprechaun’s run mischief through your home days before St. Patty’s Day? Do they leave candy coins for you to find? (ideas) Do you get green milk?  Green toilet water?  Green mashed potatoes? Green shamrock pancakes for dinner? Trails of shamrock confetti all around?  Have you ever woken up to green kiss marks on your face?  Why don’t you set up your own home Leprechaun Trap!  They are pretty tricky, but don’t give up!

 2.  There is gold at the end of the rainbow, so I’ve heard.  Have your very own gold coin, or candy hunt.  Hide pieces of gold all around   your house and let your little Leprechaun’s go searching.

 3. Who needs luck?  We all certainly do.  To wish someone good-luck on St. Patrick’s Day is a well needed pick me up to anyone!  It seems the world could use a few four leaf clovers right now!

 How to make:   If you have a small heart punch, punch out 4 green hearts plus one tiny stem.  Glue them in the center and you have your good luck charms to give out.  If you don’t have a heart punch cut the old fashioned way.  Fold your green construction paper in half and cut small ½ hearts from the fold.  Open and you have perfect symmetrical hearts ready to use as the leaves for the clover. Make and give them out to people on St. Patrick’s day or give to your sweetheart.

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