christmas slow down


Remember  Christmas is about a little baby.

It is quiet.

Stop looking at your screen!

Stop driving, and shopping and running!

Our Lives Are On Fast Forward!

Isn’t it wonderful that the Christmas Story is quiet and simple.

It is a lesson for us.

If you are not feeling very Christmasy try this little ritual.

It will be hard to “find the time.”

But it will be worth it

and you will FEEL

something new.

In the evening.

Turn all the lights out. 

Let your family sit in the dark

for just a few minutes

and then light one simple candle. 

Tell your family that this is the time of year that the Savior came to the earth.

He is the Light of the World.

During December light a candle before you retire to bed.

Read the scriptures

or a simple Christmas story.

Slow down!

If you are not feeling Christmas

it may be because you are not allowing it


come in.

Christmas is there for all of us to enjoy.

But we have to be quiet enough

to notice.

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