Creating Christmas Atmosphere

In a Creative Home


Christmas Atmosphere

by appealing to the senses



to make the season


besides memorable

for years

to come.

Here is one of my family secrets.


Christmas Soup

(Not for eating but for atmosphere!)


One little pot

(I bought an inexpensive red one at Home Goods)






orange peels as you eat through the season


1. Pour water in the pot

2. Put dashes here and sprinkles there of all the spices

3. Every time you eat an orange throw the peels in the pot

4. Simmer from Dec. 1 until you take down Christmas in January

(Be sure you keep adding water and spices as they cook away all season long. About every other week I dump the pot and begin a fresh new one. It looks awful but smells divine! Give one of the kids the job of making Christmas soup…its fun!)

Friends will think you are baking all season long! You are so amazing!

Did you know sense of smell

triggers memories forever.

Bring Christmas soup home

every season!

Have fun with it!

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