Zany 12 Days of Christmas for you to give

Super Easy!

GOAL: Goofy and Funny!



Begin Dec. 1st!

Directions: Starting Dec. 1st and going everyday until Dec. 12th

give to a co-worker who needs a lift, or who you secretly like,

a person in your dorm or apt.,

a family new in your town,

a neighbor or two,

someone in a retirement home for a laugh

or a member of your family …Use for “On the first day of Christmas my good friend gave to me or secret elf gave to me or my sweetheart gave to me or my best friend gave to me or “you can’t know” gave to me…”

(By the way if you don’t have time to do this everyday,

give it all at once.)

Before you go out to buy the first item today preparing,

first look in your cupboard…

(Mostly from
the local grocery store,
party store,
drug store, 
dollar store
fast food restaurant!)

1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree:  Give one can of pears or one real pear and put on the note if partridge is not perched HERE, sorry it flew away!

2. Two Turtle Doves: Give two Dove bars (You eat the rest) from the freezer section or Ben and Jerry’s Turtle soup ice cream from the grocery store OR  buy 2 chocolate turtles, or make them by drooping melted chocolate chips (in your microwave) on 5 almonds and put in refrigerator for a few minutes to harden chocolate before you give them. (Okay I did say no making anything…sorry)

Note says: On the second day of Christmas my good friend gave to me 2 turtles or doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree! ENJOY!

3. French Hens:  Easy…go to local McDonald’s and pick up some chicken nuggets. Only give 3 THOUGH, eat the rest. Or go to grocery store and buy frozen chicken and give 3 wings, thighs or breasts with a favorite recipe.(If you want to go crazy you can also give along with this a croissant, french bread or some french fries but that all depends on how much you like this person.)

Note says: On the third day of Christmas my….3 French Hens…write out the rest.

4. Four calling birds: Party store and get bird whistles or regular whistles and purchase only four.

Note says: On the fourth day of Christmas my…4 calling birds. (No phone pranking as you call)

5. Five golden rings!:  I think Carl’s Jr. has the best golden onion rings but you will have to look in your personal fast food repertoire.  OR How about doughnuts. If you are so adverse to grease buy any type of candy that is in a circle like the yellow and orange sour gummy rings–remember it has to be yellow, or gold or buy jewelry from the dollar store but they can only receive five!

Note says: On the fifth day of Christmas my….FIVE Golden Rings!

6. 6 Geese a laying: Give 6 eggs. If you live near a local farmer buy the really pretty brown or bluish colored. You can go all out with a recipe with this one too but you don’t have to.

Note says: On the sixth day of Christmas my…six geese a laying…Geese parents flew south so hold close and keep warm until April or May–not too hot or they will turn into omelets!

7. 7 swans a swimming:  7 rubber duckies from party store.

Note says: On the seventh day of Christmas my…seven swans a swimming…(They will grow into beautiful swans I promise!)

8. 8 Maids of Milking: Purchase some Pink Nestle’s Quick and 8 straws.

Note says: On the eighth day of Christmas my….8 Maids of Milking…(Just add milk!)

9. 9 Ladies Dancing: give a $10 i-tunes gift card and use one of the dollars for yourself!

Note says: On the ninth day of Christmas my….9 ladies dancing…  Never dance alone at Christmas! (If you see one dollar missing its not my fault the song said nine not ten.  I loved the tune I got!)

10. Lords a Leaping: Purchase a Jump Rope

Note says: On the 10th day of Christmas my…10 Lords a Leaping….

(Jump with rhyme)

Cinderella, dressed in yellow
Went upstairs to kiss her fellow
Made a mistake
And kissed a snake
How many doctors
Did it take?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9,10!


give a bag of microwave popcorn

11. Pipers Piping: Bubble pipes, dollar store flutes or party story horns. Buy 11 of your choice.

Note says:  On the 11th day of Christmas my….11 Pipers Piping…. (Play it loud!)

12 Drummers Drumming: A dozen frozen ice cream drum sticks. (They now have mini’s)

Note says:  On the 12th day of Christmas my good friend gave to me 12 drummers drumming…and a Partridge in a pear tree!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from  ME (writing your name is optional)


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