Graffiti Gratitude

Graffiti Gratitude Poster


1. one poster board or large paper

2. markers (tied on a string and taped to the poster)

Tape the poster board in a main traffic ZONE in your home.

Mine is in my kitchen.

Place in BIG letters “I AM GRATEFUL FOR…” in the center of the poster.

Now as your family walks by every day they can Gratitude Graffiti to the poster any sentiments they are feeling at the time. It is a graffiti wall so let them be free to write…

for mom’s hamburgers,

That my baby brother didn’t

ruin my homework after we finally

found it in his mouth.

That my friend could come over…

You get the idea.

It gets your family thinking about being thankful all month long without you constantly reminding them…

Just point to the wall and say

“Hey don’t forget to GRAFFITI GRATITUDE on that wall!”

You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.   Gratitude births only positive feelings—love, compassion, joy, and hope.  AS we focus on what we are thankful for fear, anger, and bitterness simply melt away, seemingly without effort.

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