Little Pumpkins!

Look what my brother does in the FALL!

He blows pumpkins out of glass.

It is quite remarkable to watch the honey-like hot molten substance turn into something so hard and fragile.

It is awesome!

The blowing part feels like you are blowing your brains out of your ears! 

It is really hard work but he absolutely loves the process!

The finish is so beautiful!

Here are some of mine in a fall setting…

He may cringe because these are not the best…these our our attempts when he showed us how.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aren’t they adorable!

My brother does not have a website.  He hates computers.  But if you have any interest in buying some, let me know and I will get you in contact with him.  He can mail them anywhere.  The largest size is about 10 in. in diameter. And the smallest can be as small as an acorn. He makes them in any color, speckled, or clear. 

Ahhhh, I love his creative spirit. 

He has something going all the time!

You should see his wood work and pottery!

You should see what his family can do!

Creativity is totally contagious!

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1 Response to Little Pumpkins!

  1. Zach Edwards says:

    I love those pumpkins!

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