Please visit my other blog to see the latest art project I began on a whim! Wednesday morning I got up and my muse walked me outside with some colored chalk and this is what evolved…

My son Tyler and I worked very hard for 2 straight days on a very large chalk mural on our driveway for Hereditary Breast Cancer Awareness Week which begins Sept 23-29th 2012. Previvor Day is Sept. 26. (That is those who have the mutation but do not have cancer)

Thank you to all of the big and little girls who came over and colored for cancer.  The girls turned out amazing! Thank you walkers, neighbors, my Mary Kay lady, the UPS man who loved it and all others who helped make it a success.

I am sad it rained a day early but that also went along with the theme of it…don’t get caught in a surprise with cancer.  Knowledge is power. 

It was such a fun thing to do!

I am dedicating the mural to my daughter, Katie.  Because I if I had to do the simple heredity test and the fight all over to save her…

I would!

Get tested if you feel you are at risk. 

Please siblings…get the test done! Tell your children to save theirs and theirs and theirs…

Ignoring this won’t take it away.  It only involves a little saliva.


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  1. Emily Edwards says:

    This is so lovely!

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