Summer-Sames #3

Summer Sleeping

Sleeping on the plane with a kinked neck.

Sleeping in the car drooling.

Sleeping on a chaise lounge fried.

Sleeping under the umbrella…but forgetting about the feet.

Sleeping on the couch because the newlyweds get the bedroom.

Sleeping on the train jerking.

Sleeping on a camping mat–well not really because the spider got away.

Watching busy little and big kids tire, finally stop, close their eyes and finally succumb to sleep.

Sleeping at the hotel next to the elevator or ice machine.

Sleeping with grandma hoping she will keep breathing all night long.

Sleeping in a sleeping bag but never zipping it up.

Sleeping on the beach until the seagull flew overhead leaving a present.

Sleeping in the hammock swaying in the breeze.

Holding the baby in the wee hours of the night, not sleeping but singing softly.


the very best summer sleeping is when you finally crawl into clean sheets

with your own pillow,

hearing familiar sounds,

in your






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