“One for the Money…”

There was a little poem my father used to sing to us as children

as he held our feet on his big bed…

One for the money,

2 for the show,

3 to get ready

and 4 to Go…

then he would flip us over.

Use this poem to change up next week…

“One for the money” Monday.  Yep it’s chore day.  Make it fun!  Have everyone do it together. The money earned will be used later in the week.  Decide ahead of time what the BIG finale will be at the end of the week or decide as a family later on.  It doesn’t take much to have fun.  Idea:  Take to a dollar store or garage sale or candy store and let them choose with the money earned.  Or go on a bigger adventure…

“Two for the show” Tues.  Show day..watch shows that have winter themes. Happy Feet, Snow Dogs, Polar Express. Put pillows in the freezer for a few minutes.  Do the ice stand during intermission. (Place ice in a small pool or large bowl.  Fill with water.  Time how long it takes before you rush out.  BRRRRRR!)

“3 to get ready” Wed.  Plan and prep for an outing.  Make it a surprise or scavenger hunt to find out where. Put clues on strings, pop them in balloons, hide in ice that they have to chip away to find out…

“Four to go” Thurs.  Your day for an adventure  Penny walk, heads left, tales right,  Scavenger hunt, Bike hike, fun shopping.  Choose together and everyone must agree.

Friday “Flip:” Do it all again but only in one day!  Chores, show, plan outing, go on a quick adventure.

Have fun with it!

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