Sand, Sun, Water and Oh I do love Summer!

Not just any day at the beach

Here’s a few new ideas besides towels, tuna sandwiches, and the plastic shovel and bucket…

1.  The ultimate investment for beach going.  A sturdy home-improvement-store 3 foot metal shovel.  It will not only make your kids lives wonderful, it will entertain them for hours as they dig their way to China and back.

2.  The ultimate imagination enhancer.  Bring some colored glass marbles from Linens and Things, the dollar store or old jewels from that broken necklace and secretly toss one or two in the “hole” each time the diggers go get more water.  When they come tell you they found treasure, you MUST be astonished!

3. The ultimate kiddy pool.  Bring an old plastic drop cloth or shower curtain and when the hole is dug, you have an instant kiddy pool for the baby that doesn’t drain through the sand!

4.  Beach game.  Not frisbee, Golf! Bring some plastic cups and a golf ball to the beach.  Let the kids make their own mini gold game by pushing the cups in the sand for the holes.  You can go crazy with this  and make it as elaborate as you would like with hills and baracades. If you don’t have a mini golf club, use a stick or simply roll the ball.  Let the kiddys be creative.

5.  ART Stuff:

Mix powdered tempera paint with water and place in squirt bottles.  When you get to the beach, color the sand by squirting it.  OR, take some sand and place in a baggy.  When you get home mix the sand with the tempera powder paint to make different colored sand.  You can pour in jars and make sand paintings or glue on cardboard.

Plaster of paris in a small baggy taken to the beach is a great way to make a memory.  Dig a hole in the sand and place found objects in the hole.  Place water in the baggy with the plaster and close.  Mix the plaster by kneading the bag and pour into the sand hole with found objects. (Don’t wait the plaster gets warm) Let sit until hard.  Lift out and you have a sand memory to take home.  SO COOL!

6.  Sand Castles: Just a reminder, be sure to put in your beach bag some unique items for sand castle creations.  Popsicle sticks, spoons, different sized and shaped pans or cans. The best castles are the ones grown ups help with!

7.  Oh yeah!  Let’s take our Christmas picture at the BEACH!

My Thoughts: 

My adult summer fort involves a BEACH.  It is under an umbrella, with a creative magazine, novel or sketchpad, my toes dug in the warm sand, facing a beautiful blue water with the afternoon sun making diamonds on top. Kids are splashing and laughing, a warm breeze is blowing, and I let all my cares and schedules go as I sit and sit and sit. (I promise I am not thinking at this time “What should I cook for dinner!)                                   What is yours?  


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