Summer meltdown

I got in a fist fight with my garden hose…

I was really frustrated and went outside to calm-down. 

My hose wouldn’t come out of the roller-thingy

and I just about ripped it off the spigot.

I sat on the grass, looked around and noticed my neighbors window facing me.

“What if she had witnessed the entire fight!


I began to laugh…

That was when I decided that I needed

to add to my blog post

the summer meltdowns

and great advice.

Every summer there seems to always be:

1. one or more stubbed toes!

2.  Mess after mess after mess after mess…

3.  A hot exhausting day…or more than one…

4. A total meltdown when no realizes that mom’s don’t get vacations on vacations!

5.  Somebody vomits in the car or plane…

6.  Somebody shows up unexpected…

7.  You get sick of being creative for dinner or entertaining and you just need a nap!

Here’s some advice for summer meltdowns or anytime

1.  Vacuum in the Fall (by my mother)

2.  Close the door and walk away.  It will wait. (By my mother)

3.  Never underestimate the value of 15 minutes (My favorite mother quote)

4.  When you have no idea what to say but you are ready to let out a roar…

say  “WOW!”  It will give your frustrated self a few minutes to regroup.

Then don’t get mad at all, just make a silly comment instead.

5.  Laugh instead of cry.  It’s funner!

Look at all the kittens…


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