AHHHHH the need of Summer Forts

Summer Fort

Where’s your summer fort?

Every kid needs one.  

Every grown up does too!

Summer is the BEST time for forts!

Remember when we moved the chairs and coffee table around the couch just right,

draped blankets across the top, and created that perfect secret spot underneath called “the fort.”

We brought in pillows, of course food and a few friends to keep us company.

Remember getting inside and letting it become any place you wanted it to be…

Here are some reminder forts to help initiate…

1.  The infamous refrigerator box:  I am really not sure how I have gotten my refrigerator boxes to my apts. and houses in the past years but that was part of the fun!   I even lost one on a busy street and didn’t notice until I got miles away!  This fort can be decorated, made to order by cutting  windows and doors, carpeted with towels…it is the best!  My two year old daughter and I spent a good part of summer inside our princess castle…AKA the refrigerator box!  My boys have made them into all sorts of fortifications.

2. Blankets and Chairs (Traditional)  There is no substitute for the traditional blanket/sheets fort.  This original fort comes unique to each child.  Let them make the creation.  Yes its things all out of place, but that is part of the great magic of it!  The thrill of climbing inside and feeling completely isolated from any place, still sits in my list of fond memories.

3.  The vacation fort.  Look around your vacation place for a great fort.  The one above was created with stumps and branches.  These two played in it the entire time we were there.  The outfits were pillow cases with holes cut out for arms and head.  You can make forts from beach umbrellas and sheets draped over them, closets with flashlights, window boxes, corners…Use your imagination but help your child find that place. (Bring some large paper clamps to help support)

4.  In your home there can be places to find.  Under a trampoline, under a slide, under a stair case…

5.  Sunflower forts or tree houses.

6. The homemade ones are best in my opinion but you can buy  pre-made fort type things or set up a tent out or in for your kids to spend summer fort-time in.

When you are thinking of simple ways to make fond memories this summer simply make a fort together, get inside at night time and share some good stories and eat treats. The best time is at night!  Your kids will love it!      You will too!

Everyone needs a summer fort…Have you made one for you yet?  Get going!

HAVE FUN INSIDE!  It’s still summertime!

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1 Response to AHHHHH the need of Summer Forts

  1. katie robison says:

    That picture takes me back! I can smell the Tahoe trees from here!

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