Anticipation–it’s just too long!

5 more days until….

Count-downs are part of the excitement of summertime. 

1.  5 more days until we go on the big airplane and see grandma! “Can’t wait”

2.  5 more days until we get to go to the lake! “Yay!”

3.  5 more days until we are finally empty-nesters. (This is definitely not me saying this!)

4.  5 more days until we celebrate your birthday…“Oh boy, Oh boy”

5.  5 more days until I graduate!  “Phew!”

Today begins one of my child’s BIG count downs. 

5 more days until he graduates from High School! 

I took nickles (5 cents)

and taped them in a big 5

on his mirror in his room

with a HUGE toilet paper arrow

pointing to it from his bed. 

Not expensive!

Just for fun!

Here are some ideas for some countdowns for your hubby, child, grandma, friend, etc.

Paper chains, count down cookies or candies, envelopes with surprises or thoughts inside, Erase from a white board, mirror, or black board the amount of days you have left. (note:  Don’t begin counting down too soon for a little child.  5-7 days is about right, with smaller maybe 3), walk around the grocery store or dollar store and look for items that have numbers on them.  Double mint gum can be used for “2” more days.  Three Musketeers Bars can be used for “3” days left, spell numbers out with food, plastic toys, clothing, etc. Text or e-mail a fun picture holding the number to your sweetheart, or grandparent.

I know you have more great ideas. 

Don’t forget to celebrate

your Count-Downs!

Remember Have Fun With It!



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