Ingredient #5

Sweet Ingredient #5:  Continue Romance and thoughtful gestures

to each other for at least 68 years.

For as long as I can remember my father would leave beautiful roses from their garden, for my mother, usually with a hand written note saying “I love you sweetheart.”  On April 27th the very day before my father passed away, at 88 years old he thought to  walk out in their rose garden and pick a beautiful creamy Peace Rose to bring to her. Can you picture him carrying it in to her with stooped shoulders but with a tender boyish love for his girl. When I flew in hours later, that sacred rose sat in a glass vase growing fuller and more beautiful with each hour; left there until the last petal fell off.

The day after my father’s burial, and the first time back to the cemetery with my mother, there was a Peace Rose blooming in a bouquet left at the graveside.   I took the petals off that peace rose and created a heart for my mother and my father.  Their love in peace.

He wants her to feel peace at this time.  He wants her to remember his love for her still growing, even though right now they are apart… 

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