Recipe of a True Happy Ever After… (68 years)

With Love

To Celebrate 68 precious years of marriage (May 29, 1944-2012…)

Recipe Ingredients for one week:

Sweet Ingredient #1:  Say “I love you” every day of your lives to each other.

(Or at least for 72 years…that was the first time they said it to each other.)

“So perfectly welded in being have we become that she can say pages to me with a single glance, call me to repentance with the touch of her hand, pull me from despair with a trace of a smile, move me to sorrow with the quiver of her lips, or inspire me to greatness with the nod of her head.  God must surely have looked upon me and known that this awkward, abrasive man would bump and tumble wildly through life if left to himself.  And so he gave my rough exterior the protective softness of her loveliness, smoothed the marred and broken surface with the gentle warmth of her smile, rounded out the gaping holes with the fulness of her personality.”  …and then went on slowly as he looked at his wife.  “I thrill through every fiber of my being when I contemplate what I may yet become as our hundred thousand hours of association expands to a million in the vast expanse of eternity.  Even godhood should I be so fortunate as to achieve it, shall be won only with her help.”

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6 Responses to Recipe of a True Happy Ever After… (68 years)

  1. Beautiful!!! Congratulations and God bless!!!

  2. mamitamama says:

    Absolutely beautiful. It made me tear up 🙂

  3. Katie robison says:

    Who is that quote from? I loved it!!

  4. jackbarry says:

    I love this!!! Absolutely Amazing! What an amazing man!

  5. Zachary says:

    Mom this is so adorable! A lot of people can learn a lot from their relationship. It was a perfect recipe for happiness!

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