Heart Points for MOM

List 25 heart points as a gift for your mother for mother’s day.  That is the goal but there are no limits…

The greatest compliment to give to someone is to spend time thinking about them.  

To go further and write about your thoughts is even a greater gift.  

Every mother deserves at least 25 or more heart points!  

All mom’s learn how to be a mom by trial and error.  

There are no perfect mom’s.  

Just perfect mother love…

Here are some examples:

* I love how I feel at home whenever I am around you.

* I love your tuna sandwich’s.  They are like no others.

* I love how you laugh.

* I love how you used to tell me hair looked good even when it didn’t.

* I love how you kept every painting, letter, poem, pinch pot, and test paper I ever did.

* I love the times you have sung Happy Birthday to me over the phone after I left home.

* I love how I learned how to bake the best cakes by watching you.

* I love the times we drove to piano lessons and the talks we had.

* I love when you would sit by my bed when I was sick and rub my face.

* I loved as a child how we would go to Woolworth’s and sit on the stools and talk and eat bacon,   lettuce, and tomato sandwiches.

* I loved it when you would buy me knew clothes and lay them on my bed for me to be surprised when I came home from school…

* I love how I inherited your…

*Keep Going…..

If your mother is deceased…What a great day to write your heart bullets and think of them as an honor.  Tuck it in your journal and re read or add to throughout the year.  

You are connected to her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful, tired, loving, mothers.  Keep trying!

Sending my love to you!

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