Broken Heart celebration


It is the monster under the bed.

But the monster came out, grabbed my dad 10 days ago and now he is gone.

As I flew to my home, I worried how frightened I would be.

But it is all very different than I expected.

It is…spiritual.

I touched him.

He was cold.

Yet I realized that his body was only a little house that kept his spirit while he lived here.

He wasn’t there but he does live still.

My brother put it this way.  

He is walking up a hill and as he reaches the top there are thousands and thousands of people looking up at the hill.  As he comes over the top they all cheer and wave and run to him.  He is not alone…

I have slept every night where he died holding my mother’s hand.

They loved each other for 68 years. They still love each other.

He is here.  I feel him. Their hearts are one so he won’t be far.

He has come to her in her twilight sleep.

He told her, “Honey, everything will be alright.”

I believe him.

But I miss him terribly…

How do you have “fun with death?”

Hold on to the relationships you have.  They are the most important.

My priorities instantly shifted!

Have fun and love! For in death you realize that that is all that matters.

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1 Response to Broken Heart celebration

  1. Jill says:

    Thank you, Jennifer. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad. Best wishes as you heal from your loss. Love you!

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