A message from SPRING!

Dear Sweets,

I was looking so forward to you noticing all the surprises popping out everywhere.

All the babies, the beauties, the young colors and sounds.

Have you stopped to notice?

Take a moment. 

Smell the air. 

Touch a petal.

Listen to singing.

Take a peek.

  I won’t be here long. 



1.  Place some pretty string outside on branches.  It is nest building time and the birdies will use it to decorate their new homes.

2. There are little tiny worlds just waiting to be discovered. Take a piece of cut string outside about 24 inches. (If you want to really look closely bring a magnifying glass too)  Place it in a circle outside in a special spot.  It can be at the park, in your garden, in some woods…  Look closely what you see only in the circle.  Be amazed!  Bring a notebook and draw pictures of what you see.

Turn “Ews” into “Ahhhhhhh’s”

You are never too old to wonder… 


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